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Got to see the most successful club in football today!

I cried at the tag line to this movie. But my show tonight will not make you cry it’ll be totally rad. Y’all should check it out cause it’ll be hot. Tune in tonight at 8!


21 and still a stud muffin.

Amy Winehouse after hearing she has just won her first Grammy (2008)

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Why did no one tell me there was a piano version of this?! ITS INCREDIBLE

Let’s get into the Anderson account Maxy.



I just attended the best passion of the Christ play. As they were “nailing” Jesus to the cross the entire thing broke. No one knew what to do and it got quiet. Finally one of the guards on stage said “You get out of it this time Jesus”


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Me too kevin, me too. How about you just listen to my show at 8? It’ll be fun I promise. Come hang out on totally rad radio!!!!

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Weathered - The Dangerous Summer

This whole song is lyrically beautiful, and my personal favorite by TDS. Songs like this feel so REAL to me. You can hear the emotion in song form or read it as a poem, either way the words will hit you. This line and the phrase follows stand out the most to me.

"I’m an optimist but only in a perfect world. I think I’m too stained by all the negativities from all the people in my way…"