I’m 12 years old. Hahahahaha




I don’t care what anyone says, this was the best moment on TV ever.

this is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen


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#wce 😍


you should have opened your eyes i was crazy for you

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Nervracking game today! But we came out with the important win! Made a statement in our first champions league game in over 4 years! Congrats to Balo getting his first goal in front of the kop! #YNWA #Makeusdream

This fucking ref is a joke. Let em play you asshole. YNWA


I want this on a shirt

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The Kings of Summer (2013)

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Moises Arias as Biaggio

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Tonight’s show is for cool people, since we can’t judge whether or not you are cool, we are just going to assume all of you are. So tune in at 7:30 central! On facetimeradio.com I hope you can join us!


Favourite jokes

  • Referring to any four-legged animal as a weird dog
  • Massively underestimating the number of nearly uncountable objects
  • Massively overestimating the number of clearly countable objects
  • Bad puns in TV episode titles

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remember when we found out Neville Longbottom had bigger balls than anyone else in the HP series

remember how Dumbledore told us this in the very first book, but no one believed him

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